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Snowflake Books
Snowflake Books Ltd is an entirely independent UK registered picture book publisher located in Oxford. Snowflake's staff come from the UK and Taiwan and they believe passionately in the value of international cooperation and understanding.
Snowflake books have a number of features:
- Wonderful stories from old China: These translate into magical and unusual stories for young children in the UK. As with all traditional tales they are full of wisdom and humanity and valuable lessons for children.
- Fascinating colour illustrations on every page that children will love: Snowflake's artists were trained in traditional skills such as water colour and paper-cutting and they have adapted to produce lively modern drawings that are still authentic in their traditional detail.
- Snowflake's stories are shown both in English and Mandarin: With colour coding for important words and word lists at the back of the books children will soon pick up some Chinese words.
The titles listed in BookTeller web site include "Stories of Animal Signs Series", "The Rain God", "The Door Gods", "Chinese Farmers' Calendar", "The Story of Wan-Nian's Calendar", etc can fully reflect the characteristics of Snowflake's publication.